MADE TO ORDER - FIGURINES - 50% Off Today (Sculpted in USA)



Made to Order One-of-a-Kind 3D Figurine 

We specialize in creating custom 3D figurines and we will design a one-of-a-kind 3D figurine just for you of yourself, your child, grandchild or any other loved one. 

Original Image

3D Model

Bring Any Special Picture to Life 

Examples of what we can do: 

  • Sculpt a figurine of your child - so you can cherish their precious years forever.
  • Sculpt you on your wedding day from a wedding picture.
  • Sculpt your baby pictures.
  • Sculpt any loved ones.
  • Sculpt birthday pictures.
  • AND MORE...  


We provide a 100% guarantee that your SelfieSculpt will resemble you! 

If you are not left speechless with your order, we will do everything we can to make sure we make it right for you.   

State-of-the-Art Craftmanship

At SelfieSculpt, each and every 3D model is completely made-to-order, and individually created by our team of skilled 3D designers.

Unlike mechanical 3D scanning, SelfieSculpt precisely recreates the person's unique personality and warmth with an advanced 3D model, then turns it into a one-of-a-kind 3D figurine – just from a picture!

SelfieSculpt promises that your figurine will be a unique keepsake that you and your child will treasure for years.

Color and Material

We use premium sandstone to produce a 3D figurine sculpted in full color in USA. 

Due to the high quality of Sandstone material, your SelfieSculpt can last for generations to cherish!