About Selfie sculpt

Selfie Sculpt is the first and only company to offer accurate "3D Selfies" from a single image.

Our goal is to make 3D Selfies easier to get and more affordable. We know what an incredible feeling it can be to have a 3D selfie of yourself and loved ones. A 3D Selfie means more than just a sculpture, it's a souvenir of you and your loved ones most precious moments in time. 

Whether the 3D Selfie is of a child's first birthday or of you, we want to make sure you will hold your 3D Selfie years later and feel the amazement of the moment you captured with your SelfieSculpt. 

Before SelfieSculpt, the only way to get a 3D selfie was expensive 3D scanning companies that would require customers to come into stores and spend at least an hour getting yourself scanned with 3D Scanners. Only to treat you to a bill in the hundreds of dollars.

We make it easy by allowing customers to be able to upload pictures from their most precious moments instead of going out of the way to get a 3D Scan. 

All SelfieSculpts are sculpted in USA  with premium sandstone material.

resemblance PROMISE

If you are not satisfied with your SelfieSculpt, please reach out to us and we will make sure we make it right. 


"Unbelievable! The designers at SelfieSculpt were able to capture the precious moment of my son's 14th birthday."

- Thomas Brown

"Selfie Sculpt did an amazing job! Features were spot on. The staff and designers are very professional. I would highly recommend Selfie Sculpt."

Diego Mart├Čnez 

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